DEESTAR partner with ADVANCIS from Germany, the global PSIM industry giant and technology leader with global presence of 70+ countries and 20 years rich experience. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is a software platform that integrates several non-connected security systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc.), controlling them by an extensive user interface. The user has the ability to detect incidences registered by different security and information systems and to resolve them with approved standardized procedures.

With Advancis WinGuard X3 software, we define PSIM+ as a solution reaching far beyond the common scope of creating command & control centers. WinGuard is applied wherever maximum security is indispensable. PSIM+ offers the possibility for a domain-encompassing integration of the complete building management, communication and IT infrastructure system, so that e.g. recurring maintenance tasks can be automated based on calendars or time schedules. Doors, lights, temperature controls and a lot more can all be managed with WinGuard. Another enhancement compared to conventional PSIM solutions is the connection to higher-tier mission control systems.


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