DEESTAR partnered with Telematics4U from Indian IT hub, the Bangalore-based global leader in the industry boasting of a presence in more than 55 countries. The system provides a seamless Fleet Management Solution, operating in the convergence space of Location Intelligence (GPS/GIS), Wireless (GPRS) and Internet. It is a global network using a host of Telematics services that includes Mobile Asset Visibility, Asset Optimization, Security, Logistics Management, Cold Chain Monitoring, People Transportation Monitoring, among others, delivered across the globe in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. From a wireless industry perspective this is an operator agnostic value-added service. It transforms the transportation sector by improving the business processes resulting in enhanced profitability.


Fleet Maintenance Vehicle Monitoring
Personnel Tracking Driver Management
Cash Van Monitoring Fuel Cost Management
Child Safety Assurance Temperature Monitoring
Employee Transportation Cement Logistics Management
Taxi Operations Management Mining Logistics Management
Cold Chain Logistics Management Dairy Logistics Operations Management
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